Book on Lent

Praying is easy until you have to pray for the same thing over and over. Hannah asked God for one thing and she asked for years. Endure is a collection of meditations reflecting upon Hannah’s experience of praying. These meditations underline the long, enduring prayerfulness making up Hannah’s life with God.

Eventually she got what she wanted, and all her long days of asking and listening for God ended in fruitfulness. But these pages return to the days Hannah lived prior to God’s yes, when she learned to pray before God answered.

Lent is traditionally a time when Christians focus on the life of Jesus. We pray, or try to pray, in step with him as he lives his final days on earth. And yet, Jesus is not the only guide for seasons of prayer. Originally written with the season of Lent in mind, this book can also be used for any other focused time of prayer. Perhaps you need a guide to ask God for something. Choose Hannah. Use this book to listen to her story and to turn toward God in your own way. Learn more here.